Florida Intl vs UCF

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Florida Intl vs UCF Live

Game Instruction:
Team: Florida Intl vs UCF,
Date: Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017,
Time: 6:00 p.m. ET,
Competition: College Football 2017,
Location: Bright House Networks Stadium, Orlando, FL

Florida Intl vs UCF Live

College football’s 2017 opening weekend (technically, its second weekend, after a handful of games on Aug. 26 and such) is here, stretching from Thursday night all the way through Labor Day.

Below, the full TV schedule, with times and streaming info, and all sorted according to watchability in each time slot. This should help steer you toward the best games at each time.

This Week 1 might not look quite as huge as last year’s, but it’s still pretty well-stocked with good games and has one big trump card over every other opening week ever: the biggest opening game of all time, per the rankings. Alabama-Florida State in the new Atlanta stadium that’ll host this season’s National Championship is gonna be a spectacle.

So here come five straight nights of college football, with only three days off until a loaded Week 2 starts. Let’s have a pretty good 2017.

You cut the cord, didn’t you? And it was going great – you have Netflix and your mom’s HBO Go password, so no problem. Except now it’s football season and you need to see all those games.

Before you go running back to the cable and satellite providers, know that there is another way. Or more accurately, many other ways. It can get a little confusing, but we’re here to help guide you through (and we’re keeping it legal).

First, an antenna is a good idea – and you probably already have one if you’ve killed your cable. A lot of NFL and college games will air on CBS, NBC, ABC or Fox, so you’re all set there. A good indoor HD antenna, such as Mohu Leaf (a one-time cost starting around $40) will probably do the trick, but some folks require an attic or rooftop version. You can also get some of the broadcast networks through a streaming service, but not all services currently include CBS.

What about for all the other games? For those, you’ll need to start with a robust internet connection and then dive into the growing number of streaming services available. Most of these services offer a free introductory period – definitely use it to verify that the channels they claim to carry are actually available in this area. Most are available through Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire devices, as well as Android and iOS apps.


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